About Coyan

Luxurious. Effortless. Inclusive. 

Simplicity is at the heart of COYAN, a premium brand for women offering a tightly curated collection of silk dresses crafted in the US in limited batches.
The fluid silhouettes offer an elegant aesthetic with an edge that has a truly versatile appeal, designed to be dressed up or down for all occasions. Made for movement in a relaxed fit that blurs the line between sizes. This is inclusive style for every body.
COYAN’s commitment to size inclusivity begins the moment you start browsing online. A personalized approach means you can view the luxurious collection on women your own size which provides a true reflection of how these meticulously crafted clothes will look on you.
Inclusive Sizing
You’re more than just a number. We get that. It’s why we decided to throw out the traditional approach to sizing, which preys on many women’s insecurities. While we are truly inclusive, and have you covered from size 0 through 24, our straightforward approach provides 1 to 8 sizing that is both approachable and universal. Refer to our chart to find your own size.
And for the record, unlike some brands, the price remains the same, irrespective of your dress size.
The Make & Materials 
COYAN is dedicated to fair, American-made production centered round supporting the local economy. We know the people who make our clothes, and we aim to not only nurture craftsmanship, but continue to build the relationships we have within the garment industry. We are also committed to sustainability, which means that if you treat your COYAN purchase with care, it will last a lifetime. Our clothes are produced in small batches to avoid waste, and are delivered in sustainable packaging.  
“We are trying to flip the narrative around size inclusivity by making a broad range of sizes the norm and not an added or reduced category. When shopping for clothes, personal taste should be the only filter.”
Lucas Zunz, Co-Founder.